Thursday, March 26, 2009

Workshop Title/Theme Naming Competition

Sessions have been identified for the 2009 FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop and included in a previous blog post. The three selected plenary sessions are:

1) Future directions in planning safety analysis and risk management
2) Regulatory Issues in Global Harmonization of Clinical Studies
3) World is (almost) Flat: Statistical Considerations as Clinical Development goes Global

Based on this we are ready to open up the Workshop Name/Theme competition!

Previous Session names have included:
2007 - Translating Innovation into Practice through Effective Partnerships
2006 - Statistics in the FDA and Industry: Past, Present, and Future
2005 - Safety and the Critical Path: Keys to Successful Development of Medical Products
2004 - Science, Statistics and Decisions: The Right Questions, The Best Answers
2003 - Statistics: From Theory to Regulatory Acceptance
2002 - The Information Revolution - Who's Mining the Store?
2000 - Statistically Sound Decision Making
1999 - Statistical Issues in the New Millennium
1998 - Current Statistical Issues, Drugs, Biologicals, Medical Devices, Risk Assessment
1997 - Working Together to Expedite the Development of New Pharmaceutical Products
1996 - Analysis and Collection of Adverse Event Data

The competition for naming this year's workshop will occur here, on the FDA/Industry workshop blog.

To be considered for this competition, please leave a "comment" on the blog with your proposed WORKSHOP TITLE/THEME as well as your NAME (and hopefully your contact information or at least your professional affiliation so we can give you credit and your prize at the workshop in September:-).

This competition will be open until April 15th. Please note: in cases of multiplicity issues (i.e., identical suggestions from multiple individuals), the first person who proposes the name/theme/ title within the comment section of this blog post.

Good Luck!

Tammy and Carmen

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