Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Timeline for session organizers

April 15thSpeakers confirmed. (Note: Session organizers must ensure speakers know that they will be responsible for paying for ALL conference EXPENSES including: registration, hotel, travel)

Session Organizer primary contact to provide a single email to with order of presentation, the timing (length of presentation), speakers’ complete contact information (e-mail, phone and professional affiliation) .

April 17thDeadline for submission of proposals for Roundtable Luncheon Discussion to

May 11th — Speakers provide 100-200 word (5-10 Sentence, 1 paragraph) abstract related to their specific topic to session organizers

May 11thFinalized Abstract due to (This is the updated version of the abstract submitted on Feb 27). Session Organizer primary contact to provide a single finalized comprehensive session abstract consisting of
· Finalized Title of the session
· Names of all organizers
· Brief session description (~1 paragraph to be included in workshop brochure),
· For each presentation, please include title, abstract (5-10 sentences, 1 paragraph), length of presentation, Speakers’ contact info into the abstract

June 1st — Workshop Registration Opens

Early June
— Telecon between Session organizer/chairs and All Session Speakers. Telecon organized by session organizers with all speakers/discussants for introductions and to reduce any presentation overlap.

August 10th — Speakers provide draft presentations to session organizers

August 14th — Deadline for REGISTRATION of speakers, session organizers, short course instructors, roundtable luncheon discussants

August 18thSpeakers provide finalized presentation and Brief Biographical Sketch (for introductions during the workshop) to session organizer/chair

August 20thSession Organizer primary contact to provide a single email attaching all speakers finalized presentation to

Late Aug/Early Sept — Telecon between Session organizer/chairs and All Speakers in session.
The final teleconference with session speakers, organizing committee/session chairs will provide last minute updates about conference and ensure all tasks are delegated and timing is understood.

Sept 23-25th — Short Course/Workshop from 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Capitol Hilton

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